After along Time away Part 1

The Princess Bride - William Goldman

After a good amount away from this book; The Princess Bride which for some reason, unknown to me I keep thinking of as The Prince's Bride, I have come back to it once again. I completely read the book I previously reviewed between the time I read the beginning of this book to now. 

In fact it was last summer early fall. I remember sitting under a tree holding it on my tiny nook reader.  Bee's where buzzing and bird's where chirping. It is quite upsetting to myself how long I been slowly munching away at this story, little by little. 

It has nothing to do with the story, I am very much enjoying it. It more has to do with little things like; video games, life and movies. They just keep on getting in the way. 

In addition, I was never the biggest reader growing up, I have always loved books but reading has provided its own unique challenges to me. First, I suffer from dyslexia. Words run into one another and I need to recheck myself to make sure I read something clearly.

Second My arms are shorter then most people's. My physical condition is abbreviated as TAR, the scientific name is long and complicated. Ultimately I am missing my radius bone, that's the long bone in your arm, commonly refereed to as the funny bone. Even with out this bone I think I retain a sense of humor. 

"So what!" your probably thinking "what difference does that make to your reading?"

The length of my arms made sitting comfortably with a physical book to be tiring. Yes I had book holders though flipping pages became an ordeal. It was hard to turn one page with out having several sneak out and I ended up having to set up the book again, for each page. 

Things like computers and e-books opened the reading world up to me. It was actually comfortable to sit and read a book.

By changing the spacing between lines of text made it easier to follow the words on the page.

Needless to say I am new to the activity of leisure reading. I know there is no editor with a big stick asking me to finish this book to write something about it. This blog acts as a public/personal journal where I can share what ever I feel like around the world of reading.

 After seeing this post become some what long I will share my views on the forward to the Princess Bride as I spent most of my time reading about the story of how the book came to be more then actually reading the book it's self so far. It is in my opinion what makes this addition special and stand out from the movie that followed it.