Info dump

The Princess Bride - William Goldman

While reading Princess Bride I find myself being disengaged. While reading the part where the men in black has to fight the three kidnappers the narrative comes to a halt when the author puts in a whole other story explaining the back story of the kidnappers. This might be something that other readers are use to and enjoy.

It's great to get more information about the Spaniard's hunt for the six fingered man. To know the intense training for ten years where he squeezes rocks was exciting. I just wish it was it's own short story. By placing it in the main narrative took away from the main drama and waiting to see if the man would make it to the top of the cliff.

Old TV sitcoms  had episodes of the high-lights of that season. They where stringed along by a terrible narrative. The clips where out of place. With out context to back them up they just weren't funny.  I cringed every time a big star of the show said something like;

"ohh Cranmer your always getting into trouble. Remember the time.." this would be followed by a wave screen effect that brought in a ton of clips about Cranmer getting in trouble."

This might be because I am use to reading shorter works where the action is direct. Novels are much more complex and adds detail to flesh out the world it takes place in.