May be it's just the masks? (a quick look at two masked vigilantes)

V for Vendetta - David Lloyd, Alan Moore Batman: Year One - Richmond Lewis, Frank Miller, Dennis O'Neil, David Mazzucchelli
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Currently I been on a kick for Vigilante.



Recently I picked up a PS4 and was happy to get the one bundled with the Arkham Knight game, which I was happy to play. I am a fan of the "predator" missions found in the Arkham games, giving you tons of options from smoke, bat-a-ran, and just swooping down from the rafters to take out the unsuspecting guard.


After beating the main story mission in that game I still had a wanting desire to read, play, engross myself in a world of shadows and right the wrongs. So I picked up V for Vendetta. 


V has a bone to pick with an over protective conservative society. From what I have read so far (about to the half way mark now) V sees his fellow humans as sheep, ready to go to the chopping block if it means they don't have to think for them selves. He is trying to wake them by staging some over the top demonstrations. 


Though I can't help but noticing my attraction to characters whom are larger then life and are very much selfless at the same time.


no one rules if no one obeys


Well maybe not so much in V's case. He is getting even with those that done him wrong, though I get the sense he is doing it for something larger then himself. I can't pin point why I feel that way I just do. May be it is his relationship with the young lady, wanting to hear her story, sharing with her uncensored music.  V lives in the world of higher ideals. He will kill if he feels it will free humanity from its oppressors.  


In Batman's case it is the throw line of his whole ark, protecting Gotham because of the lose of his parents. He will take on super human ordeals to save not only those he loves but those that have swore to kill him. Unlike V his concern in his activity is to protect whom he can, one by one; day by day. Everything with Batman is logical. Heck even the bat suite is to strike fear in his enemies. V is much more about an emotional grand response to the evils in his world. 


These guys couldn't be different in their approaches yet aim to make the world a better place. 




Animated battman saying

 I ask myself the question; "why am I drawn into these stories so much"?.


The following is two possible reasons. 


Maybe its because i'm a thirty something guy with time on my hands with really not much else and a dark figure in the shadows helping to shape the world in meaningful ways makes me feel all good inside. Then again, it might be I dig a masked hero kicking butt?