Tarnsman of Gor

Tarnsman of Gor - John Norman

I have been familiar with the Gor series thought I haven't read any of them till this past week. 

I was surprised and delighted by this title. From what I herd about Gor, mostly from role-players on forums and in the virtual community of Second-Life  where there are player run areas, portraying the fictional universe of Gor.  

I knew about the lifestyle of people on GOR. It is a male driven society with a strong emphasis on hierarchy. I knew about the slave girls and that buying and selling of them as a common place activity on the planet of GOR. Even the finer details of serving paga (a common beverage on GOR) could be found out by visiting and interacting role-players living out their fantasies. 

What the role-play didn't address is the character of the protagonist being tested, whom comes from our very own planet, against the costumes and culture of a world foreign to him. 

After arriving on the planet of GOR, explained as a sort of counter earth, he is trained in the ways of a warrior and becomes a Tarnsman. These fighters known as tarnsmen take to the air on giant hawk like creatures. 

Tarl Cabot, the young warrior is given the task of stealing a near by cities Home stone. The home stone is an important object and by stealing a cities home stone is to steal it's identity, causing the city to fall into ruins.

This is what starts the young warrior's adventure.

On this adventure he captures the Uber's daughter (a ruler). He is confronted with his own humanity and the customs of this new planet. Gor is pretty cut and dry. Warriors of GOR either splatter or take their captives as slaves.  Tarl's kindness toward his captive is seen as weakness in the society he is now in.

Though through each encounter he sticks to his convictions and in the end is given respect for it. 


That is the heart of this story and I am wondering if it becomes a theme through out the rest of the series.